For peak vehicle performance, rely on Clark Warehouse Tire & Auto for routine tune-up services. Our certified technicians specialize in preventative maintenance, including tune-ups, and recommend around every 30,000 miles. Our shop provides reliable, budget-friendly tune-ups, along with a range of other top-notch auto repair and maintenance solutions.

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Keeping up with routine oil changes is one of the easiest and most effective ways to preserve the life of your vehicle.  There are several benefits of oil changes including improving gas mileage, reducing emissions and improved vehicle performance.


Experienced AC issues in your vehicle? You know the discomfort, especially in summer. No more enduring hot cars – count on Clark Warehouse Tire & Auto to restore your vehicle’s coolness for miles of comfort.


If you own a Jeep, SUV, or truck, you have likely considered lifting your vehicle. But why lift? Is it purely for aesthetics, or are there tangible benefits? Dive into the reasons behind lifting a vehicle to discover more about this popular modification.


Clark Warehouse Tire & Auto excels in comprehensive tire services: alignments, installations, balancing, rotations, and inspections. Our skilled team ensures meticulous attention and superior outcomes. Regular tire maintenance is crucial for safety and tire longevity.


Prioritizing your family’s road safety is of utmost importance, and your brakes are central to that. Come to our any of our nine locations for a thorough brake inspection by our team of experts. Travel with confidence, knowing your brakes are in optimal shape for your journey ahead.

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The drivetrain, responsible for power transfer from the engine to wheels, stands as one of your vehicle’s most intricate systems. Regular differential maintenance prevents wear and tear, expanding drivetrain life. Drivetrain failure while driving poses substantial risk.

Engine replacement ranks among the auto industry’s costliest repairs. Regular maintenance curbs this expense and ensures engine longevity. Neglecting the check engine light can lead to severe consequences. Early warning sign ignorance might lead to total vehicle shutdown. Prompt issue diagnosis by our experts is just a request away.

Your vehicle’s intricate electrical systems include battery, lights, and alternator. Deviations trigger warning lights on the dashboard, indicating faults. When lights appear, it’s time to consult experts.

Your vehicle’s exhaust system actively manages exhaust gas release, working with emission controls to regulate emissions and noise. Unusual noise, fuel odors, or reduced efficiency and acceleration warrant attention.

Vehicles rely on fluids for lubrication and cooling in various systems. We offer Fluid Exchange services for transmission, radiator, coolant, brake, differential, and power steering systems. Visit us for necessary fluid exchanges to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Sluggish acceleration or poor performance may indicate a needed fuel system cleaning or fuel injection service. A clogged system harms efficiency and performance. Our skilled technicians handle fuel system cleaning, fuel filter replacement, and fuel injection service effectively.

From fogged headlights due to cracks to brake light electrical issues, our experienced technicians manage all. Safety on the road is paramount; visit or contact us for bulb replacement and headlight/taillight repairs. Your safety matters to us.

Don’t gamble with your used car purchase. It’s crucial to fully understand the vehicle’s history before making a significant decision. While dealerships offer Carfax reports for insight, these reports can’t guarantee driving safety. Secure peace of mind with a pre-purchase inspection.

The engine cooling system serves three key roles: preventing overheating, meeting emission needs, and providing winter heat. Components include thermostat, water pump, cooling fan, radiator, and hoses. Proper maintenance, like yearly coolant flushes and inspections for corrosion, fractures, or leaks, is essential to keep the system functioning.

Maintaining control on the road relies on your vehicle’s steering and suspension system. This system supports your car’s weight and ensures a safe, smooth ride by keeping your tires in touch with the road. Regularly check your steering and suspension, including shocks and struts, at least annually or more frequently depending on driving conditions. Watch for common signs like tire shaking, steering challenges, pulling, or prolonged bouncing.

Your vehicle’s speedometer has dual crucial roles: safety assurance and speed limit compliance. A working and accurate speedometer is essential. If doubts arise about its precision or any issues occur, reach out or visit our locations for comprehensive inspection, repair, or calibration services.

The transmission ensures smooth power transfer for better control and safety. Neglecting maintenance leads to issues affecting driving. Symptoms like grinding noises, slipping gears, and harsh shifting indicate problems. Optimal performance is maintained through a 50,000-mile fluid exchange.

For a healthy transmission, remember these tips: avoid shifting while moving, ease up on braking, and let the engine warm before engaging gears. These practices enhance your transmission’s health.

At Clark Warehouse Tire & Auto, we understand the significance of avoiding any downtime for your fleet operation. Our skilled technicians provide comprehensive services, maintenance, and repairs to ensure your peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on serving your customers. Our fleet management and maintenance services encompass a wide range of offerings, including but not limited to

  • Brake Repair and Maintenance 
  • Computer Diagnostics 
  • DOT Inspections 
  • Jump Starts 
  • Oil Changes 
  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Tire Repair & Replacement 
  • Transmission Services 
  • Vehicle Maintenance Record & Budget 
  • Windshield Replacement

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